Hotel Jägerhof - Family Jäger

Oetzermühlerweg 6, A-6433 Oetz

Tyrol, Austria


Tel: +43 (0)5252 6224


The Jägerhof discount
The Jägerhof discount
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7 nights
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Good food and drink

Our Oetztal restaurant

Good food is what keeps body and soul together. This is also why we love it so much. Our gourmet kitchen treats you to everything you may desire, from tasty titbits from our granny’s recipe book and classics of Austrian cuisine to culinary borrowings from European neighbours. All our meals are prepared with love, using fresh ingredients from our own produce. Host Klaus Jäger keeps many a fine wine in his treasure trove, the wine cellar. Ask him for recommendations! Not only the food and drinks of our Oetztal restaurant entice, but also its unique flair: dine in the rustic ambience of our Jägerstube or enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains from our spacious dining hall, relax at our comfortable bar or relax on our terrace in the sun. Regardless of what you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find your favourite spot in our Oetztal restaurant.

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Your food tastes even better if you know where it comes from: let us spoil you in our Oetztal restaurant with delicacies from our own produce.
7 ÜN ab EUR
ab 399,-


10.05. until 12.10.2019

7 days of pampering holidays in the Hotel Jägerhof including pampering half-board from 05.10. until 12.10.2019.

7 ÜN ab EUR


01.02. bis 29.02.2020
28.03. bis 18.04.2020

In the period from 01.02. until 29.02.2020 and from 28.03. until 18.04.2020

7 nights from EUR

The Jägerhof
discount weeks

29.05. bis 13.07.2019
24.08. bis 05.10.2019

7 days of luxury resort at the hotel “Jägerhof” including feel good half-board (Half board with a generous breakfast buffet, plenty of fresh products...

3 nights from EUR

Short break
with amazing quality

29.05. bis 13.10.2019

3 or 4 days including feel good half-board (Half board with a generous breakfast buffet, plenty of fresh products from our own farm and 4-course...

7 nights from EUR

Happy Family

29.05. - 13.07.2019
24.08. - 05.10.2019

7 days half-board in the Jägerhof with rich breakfast buffet, lots of fresh from our farm and 4-course dinner menu. Use of our sauna landscape,...

7 nights from EUR

Bergkönig Arrangement

13.07. bis 24.08.2019

7 days of luxury resort in the “Jägerhof“ including a rich breakfast buffet and full-course menus with alternative choice.

Enjoyment and cosy atmosphere belong together. Our Oetztal restaurant is a place where old acquaintances and new friends like to get together. In Tyrol, the dinner table has always formed the centre of social gatherings. This still holds true today. We love to share our passion for good food and drink with our guests. We serve only the best of what our gourmet kitchen and wine cellar have on offer. Our cuisine is deeply rooted in local tradition, both genuine and refined. In the evening, we like to spoil you with our fine menus in our Oetztal restaurant, giving you plenty of options to choose from. For overnight guests we prepare a rich and varied breakfast buffet early in the morning. Friends of good whiskey and fine wine, cool drinks and hot coffee delight in the variety of our house bar. Cheers!

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