Hotel Jägerhof - Family Jäger

Oetzermühlerweg 6, A-6433 Oetz

Tyrol, Austria


Tel: +43 664 4324826


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WINE. A mystery, a passion.

Host Nicole Jäger has turned her passion into her profession. After a variety of trainings and further educations, she now holds the title of qualified sommelière and honours her guests with all kinds of knowledge, tips and recommendations on the subject of wine. Precise and well selected, the fine wine list features classics, specialities and rarities from the New and Old World. Daily wine recommendations to accompany the dinner menus or for the glass in between go without saying. And if you want to enjoy wine and the knowledge behind it even more, take part in the weekly wine tastings, which Nicole prepares and implements with much love and passion. These can also be booked exclusively in a small and private setting.

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Your host and sommelière Nicole Jäger

"Long live freedom! Long live wine!"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our History

The story of Jägerhof begins in the 1950s, when the passionate farmer Nikolaus Jäger opened a small inn. Already back then, guests from far and wide travelled to the Oetztal to experience its beauty. That the Jäger inn had great food got about quickly. The inn did not just grow in popularity. And so, Nikolaus Jäger soon gave up farming and became a fully-dedicated host to his guests. In the 1990s, after he had travelled the world’s oceans and gathered a wealth of gastronomic experience abroad, Nikolaus Jäger Jun. took over the inn. Since then a lot has changed. The inn became a hotel, a holiday home for our guests. Since 2022 the fourth generation of the Jäger family takes part in the family-run business. The certified sommelière, with years of experience in Austria and abroad, not only pairs your dinner with the matching wine, but also takes care of your well-being. What has not changed over the years is that the hotel is run by the Jäger family. We’re proud to be part of its history.

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